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This photo of Monet's garden in france was taken with a £35.00 Kodak Digital Camera. You too can take great photo's like this.

Welcome to Point and Shoot.co.uk! The U.K’s newest photography website designed for the photography beginner. You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photo’s, camera quality has dramatically improved in recent years, so that a £50.00 camera will satisfy the casual photographer. Indeed, with 14 megapixel models with optical zoom, smile detection and panorama mode  available on the high street for that price taking good photographs , why spend hundreds on a camera? 

The major manufacturers all want you to buy their cameras, but there’s many lesser known ‘Manufacturers’ with inexpensive cameras to rival the likes of Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Kodak, Canon and Nikon. In fact, the majority of cameras are made for the branded companies by one firm, who also make cameras for many  lesser known companies.  And many of these cheap cameras are almost identical to cameras from the big companies with just a few features removed.

There’s a wealth of models available. Did you know it’s possible to buy a 10 megapixel camera online for under £20.00? Or that you can buy cameras from the big mail order  catalogues and pay weekly? And if you need more flexibility, such as long zoom lenses  or advanced features you don’t have to break the bank.

And once you’ve taken a great shot, Windows has all the tools you need to turn an average shot into a masterpiece. Stuck for creative ideas? Why not turn your photos into oil paintings, watercolours, line drawings or even 3D photo’s. Our easy to follow guides will take you through basic editing tasks such as cropping, sharpening and removing red eye. We’ll take the worry out for you so you’ll soon be editing with confidence.  You don’t need to be a photography whizz to do this. There’s plenty of great software available on the internet for free, and all cameras now come with image editing software.  It’s easy to use, and you don’t have to spend hundreds on overpriced software to achieve great looking photo’s.

If you can’t decide what camera to choose, our reviews are all by members of the public like you and me, and our price guides will tell you where to get the best deals. We’ll be constantly publishing the best deals online in our ‘Megapixel Madness’ section, as well as a section for buying equipment on a budget.

Above everything else, Point n Shoot.co.uk is here to put the fun back into photography.  So remember, simply Point, Shoot, and Enjoy.

Many thanks to Ray hines for supplying the background image and suggesting the new look.

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