We've all seen a 3D movie at the cinema. And you're probably aware that several manufacturers (including Fuji, Sony, Panasonic and Vivitar) manufacture 3D cameras. The reality for most of us, though, is that our cameras, whether entry level or expensive models, will not take 3D images. There's an extremely easy alternative to owning a 3D camera, and that's using your existing images to create a 3D image you can either view on your computer with glasses, or print out and view with glasses. Click the following link http://dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-3D-Photo-Maker.htm to download Free 3D Photo Maker from DVDVideoSoft. When you install the software, make sure you don't add the free DVDSoft toolbar. Also ensure that before you click install that all three tick boxes are unchecked (otherwise you'll end up with a new default search engine).

Double click the desktop icon to load the programme. You'll see the screen on the left. True 3D requires two slightly different images, though you can use a single image with this programme. If you'd like to use two images, ensure you take images using burst mode or Auto Bracketing (auto exposure bracketing) if your camera has this feature. If you use burst mode, take two images next to each other in the burst sequence as they'll be almost identical, but if you use AEB, take the first and last images (identical but with a wider tonal range). For this tutorial, we'll use a single image, so click the 'Use single image' box. Click the 'Open Left Image' button (if you're using two images you'll need to add a right image as well). In the bottom left you'll see the word 'Algorithim' with a drop down menu. Choose either 'Red-Cyan' or 'Yellow-Cyan' to match your 3D Spectacles. There are several other algorithims to choose from. See http://dvdvideosoft.com/guides/Free-3D-Photo-Maker.htm for the details about them.

From here, it's one simple step to create your 3D masterpiece. If you'd like to see a preview of the finished image tick the preview box. If not, just click the 'Make 3D' box. Assuming your computer is modern it will take about a minute or less to create the image.Bellissimo! To get rid of the preview, if you ticked it, just click the 3D image. There you have it, your 3D masterpiece. Now all you need to do is pop your 3D.specs on and enjoy!. Until someone creates 4D it's as good as it gets.This image can be seen with Red-Cyan specs. 
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