The picture above was taken in Automatic Mode on an entry level 12 Megapixel camera. All Digital Cameras (DigiCams) sold today feature a fully automatic point and shoot  mode. The title given to this mode varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, Many call it Auto mode, but on many of the latest cameras the technology exists for the camera to automatically select a scene for you that best suits the subject.  Kodak calls it Smart Capture, Fuji and GE call it Auto Scene, whilst on Nikon cameras it’s Scene Auto. You get the picture (Pardon the pun).  What it means is that taking the perfect picture is in theory as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

1.      Switch on your camera.

2.      Make sure it’s set to Automatic or scene recognition mode. If your camera has a rotating dial it may be the letter A or a picture but if the dial has P, A, S,M, settings (see glossary),  it will be a picture of a camera, not A, or might just say Auto on the dial. An Icon should appear in the top left of the screen.

3.      Aim at your subject and half press the shutter button and hold it to focus the image. If it’s focused correctly it will turn green, if not, it will be red. Some cameras will display a hand symbol to indicate the picture will come out blurry. Some cameras will beep when focus is set.  If the brackets won’t turn green, release the button and try again. It might help to move closer, or further away, or adjust the zoom position in or out to achieve focus (see your camera manual for this or click here.

4.      When focus is locked and the brackets are green, fully depress the shutter button. The camera should make a noise like a film camera clicking to indicate the picture has been taken, and if the flash has been set to on or Auto it might fire.

5.      Review the image on the screen

It’s easy! Even a child or a wag can do this.


If your picture comes out blurred, then there may be several reasons why.

1.      The camera is set to the wrong scene or mode, check on screen, correct and retake.

2.      Flash did not fire, check it's not turned off and retake.

3.      The shutter was pressed fully without autofocusing (see point 3 above).

4.      The brackets focus brackets were red. Refocus, re-zoom until green (white on some cameras) and retake.

5.      The settings were wrong. Check Menus.

6.      You are in Macro (close up mode) or you are shooting close up and need to be in Macro mode (flower icon).

Once taken, check the image on the playback screen (usually a play icon on a button or mode dial) and transfer your images to

your computer for editing or retake if needed.

Whatever the occasion, Automatic mode makes taking great pictures childs play. Parties, days out, holidays, get togethers.......

All your photo's can be bicture perfect.











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