Posters to our Facebook page enter a weekly Photo of the week contest, and the photographer with the most wins is crowned Photographer of the Year. Last year Wilna Botha from South Africa was crowned our winner. This year, there's two new awards as well, Most Improved Photographer, and Best Newcomer of the Year. The Best Newcomer award is given to the photograher who joined that year and has the most wins of any newcomer in the same year. This year, the award goes to another South African, Rita Glenewinkel. Rita's subjects range from subjects as diverse as floweers, insects, birds, butterflies, portraits, architecture, landscapes, seascapes, light trails and much more. The quality of Rita's work is amazing, due in part to the fantastic South African Scenery, but also Rita's great eye for detail. Below you will find a selection of Rita's fantastic photographs.
What a fantastic photographer Rita is. I hope she's inspired you to take more pictures. Why not post your best to our Facebook page? And maybe we'll see your photo's on in 2016.
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