This is my blog. All good websites have a blog, and I thought it was time I had one as well. I guess I couldn't decide upon a suitable topic, until it presented itself last week. It will be an occasional blog, not a regular item. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Where have all the Kodaks gone? 14th Feb 2012  The sad demise of a founding father of photography.

The Photoshop Set 29th Feb 2012 Why I've got double standards.

The Ignored Camera Users Only 14% of cameras sold last year were Interchangeable lens models. So why are the               manufacturers ramming them down our throats?

Confessions Of A Digicam Blogger Ahem.... I've a little confession to make.

What's Your Game Changing Camera? Has a camera changed the way you take pictures?

 Christmas Trees And Cameras. What do these two seemingly unrelated things have in common?