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Twitter is the website where celebrities, politicians, and wannabe wannabe's post their day to day comings and goings (and others post the comings and goings the celebs DON'T want you to know about), rants and raves, and un-newsworthy news in short messages. Like many websites and organisations you can now follow your favourite website on Twitter. You can tweet us about anything related to point and shoot photography, or even tweet us a picture using Twitpic. Don't be shy.....tweet us today....... @pointnshootuk or simply click the Twitter Icons. is now on Tumblr is like Twitter, in that you post to the site like you tweet, and you follow like Twitter, but your posts are not limited in length, and you can add photos as well, You can set it to automatically tweet what you 'Tumble' and email it out to others as well. Find us at and don't forget to tumble us!

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