The S2950 is Fuji’s entry level Bridge Camera. Dooyoo user XiPRO0ToTyPElx recently reviewd the camera. Probably  the cheapest bridge model on the market from a major manufacturer, with it’s large 18X zoom lens and average street price of £130.00, it’s a popular camera. Read the review to see if it’s right for you.


Perfect out of the box, Point and shoot HD Photography...Perfect for beginners and experts alike!!


Around 11 to 12 months ago i finally decided to go for my newest interest "Photography". There was just such a large selection of different cameras and models and accessories to choose from and even after doing a lot of research i was quickly over whelmed. However i soon saw the 'Fujifilm Finepix S2950' In the Argos catalogue for £149.99. I first noticed its sleek professional look and array of features for beginners to experts to take advantage of.

From opening the box, you can first notice the array of help menus to point you in the right direction for beginners and basic and advanced set up of the camera its self and also the included 'Finepix' software package included. After removing the help contents you can see the camera well packaged and protected in a foam outer support to hold the camera in place and protect it from damage.

Also included in the box:
- 4xAA type alkaline Batteries (However i recommend buying rechargeable Panasonic AA alkaline batteries to use for this camera.)
- Shoulder Strap
- Lens cap and lens cap cord
- Usb-a/v cable
- Finepix software in-stallion CD-ROM
- Owner's Manual
- Help Manuals

As a beginner i was optimistic and wanted to just get out there and shoot without having to fiddle with lighting and contrast settings. This camera has an easy to change shooting mood feature, which you simply turn the dial on top of the camera to change the shooting mode. By selecting the auto shoot mode, the camera will adjust the lens to focus and adjust the vast array of different effects e.g: lighting and contrast based on the environment your photographing. Which makes this easy to just pick up and point and shoot for beginners or if you want a powerful camera to take HD photographs.

The camera is coloured black and measures 8.1cm x 11cm x 7.3cm which makes it very easy to carry and doesn't get in the way if you want to use it at a party or day out. It has a very light weight feel. Weighing in at only 340g; which doesn't make it a struggle to handle and hold when using the camera. The camera also comes with a 18 x optical zoom, which gives a massive zoom which doesn't affect the quality of the picture. The camera also comes with a rubber grip which has been designed to hold perfectly in the right hand of the user providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Another amazing feature this camera has is the High Definition (HD) video recording with sound. The microphone surprisingly is very good at picking up sounds but sometimes can be hard to pick of some voices depending on how loud they speak. Also the zoom feature can be used while shooting in video; however the sound of the zoom is picked up by the microphone. While using the zoom in the video it's rather basic and gives a distorted look to the video.

Another great feature the camera uses is the smile and shoot feature, which i find works great when using the timer to take group photos and portraits of yourself and friends. Because of the smile and shoot feature, the camera won't take a photograph until a 'smile' is detected on the faces of the people in the photograph. This was designed to avoid the need to have to take retake photographs due to the well known problem of people not smiling in photographs. There is also another feature along the same lines called 'Blink Detection' which warns you if anyone has blinked so that you can re-take the photograph.

Also it's not just the Video capture that is HD ready. Each shooting mode provides and gives a HD photograph. Which means yes; the camera is full HD ready. The video capture on this can also be played back through the HDMI port on the camera providing even more HD functionality.

Finally the camera has a panoramic shooting mode, which is an amazing feature and gives users a creative mode to allow for an endless array of possibilities. This mode allows the user to shoot 3 full HD pictures which are then stitched together perfectly. After the images have been merged into one, it's impossible to tell there are 3 separate images. After viewing photos taking in this mode, it boasts a professional feel and looks like you have used a professional wide lens to take the photograph.

I really like this camera and i think this is a definite recommendation to anyone who wants to get into photography or if more intermediate and professional photographers want a camera to use as a mess around camera or to train up other budding photographers; it's definitely amazing value for money and worth the £150 price tag. The camera is easy to operate and can handle a large variety of different lighting conditions and environments. Its a simple open the box and your ready to go due the batteries already being included from Fujifilm. I highly recommend this product!

Summary: An amazing beginning camera for an unbelievable price. Highly Recommended!!


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