Dooyoo reviewer Misterlak reviewed the Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 earlier this month. It's the first underwater camera review on Point 'n' Shoot. At a street price of £50.00 - £60.00 it's probably the cheapest underwater camera from a branded manufacturer, but have corners been cut to bring it to the market for that price? Read Misterlak's excellent award winning review to find out.

Advantages: great pictures underwater, the price

Disadvantages: the look of the camera

=== Introduction ===

I love going on holidays and I go at least four times a year somewhere whether it is a weekend away to a town or a nice beach. Fortunately I am no longer dependent on the school holidays and can therefore enjoy a cheap holiday. Given we were planning a beach holiday, it seemed to be a good idea to buy a waterproof camera.

=== What do you get home delivery ===

You get a a colorful looking box delivered home where the camera can be seen underwater. In the box you will find the camera to a USB cable, two batteries, manual and warranty card. Basically all you need to use the camera straight away. Everything is well packed and even if you drop the box it is well protected.

=== Appearance ===

The camera is available in several colors including yellow and orange. I thought orange would have been a nice colour. I ordered the camera via the Internet and I must say that it looked better on the picture than in real life. In real life the camera looks a bit cheap and childish. The exterior of the camera is made of plastic and also the shape of the camera makes it look cheap. The shape of the camera does make it easy to hold. At the front is a black piece of rubber which gives it more grip while holding. The back is all black and it certainly does not help with the appearance. The screen is 2.4 inch. On the bottom of the screen it says Easyshare C123 Sport. On the right you have different buttons for camera control. At the bottom of the camera you have the opening of the batteries. At the top you have the on / off button, shutter release and other buttons.

=== Functions ===

Like most modern cameras this camera has some features to make the best possible picture. These vary by camera, but there are still many similar functions, such as flash, self timer as well as the landscape mode. This camera has a wide range of functions which is impossible to mention all here, but some are worth it.

Different situations

You can select different situations of your photographic situation, including auto, portrait, sports, sunset, backlight, children, clear (including beach and snow), fireworks, night and sports.

Custom Settings

In the Settings menu you can select the image size, timer, exposure compensation, ISO, long exposure, white balance, exposure metering, sharpness and color modes.

Underwater mode

This camera is waterproof to 3 meters which is sufficient for most pools and when you go swimming in the sea. You can even shoot video with sound, but we have not tried this. This camera costs only around fifty pounds and I have bought this camera only by the positive reactions that were already on the site. Usually I have my doubts with a cheap underwater camera because you read that most cameras would still leak. Not this camera! We have used this camera twice during the holidays and once in the pool and the sea. We have numerous pictures of each other, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pictures! Most were sharp and clear, while I was expecting these images would be yet more blurred.

=== Use ===

How is this camera in general?

I must say that the camera is very easy to use and you can use him without need to change various settings. You can use the camera straight away with the automatic settings, so the camera is itself determined what is best for the best photo. You can change the settings do change and I must say that the camera is very easy to use.

Taking a picture

Taking a picture is very easy and it has a fast response. When I push the button to take pictures than it takes around 2 seconds to take a picture, with flash about 4 seconds. After taking a picture, you can again within 2 seconds take a new picture, so you do not have to wait for long. The result is certainly are!

Taking a video

Even though I actually didn't bought the camera for taking videos it can certainly take good ones! You can make a small film, 640 x 480 resolution with sound and it sounds pretty good.

Battery life

I think the camera can last the day with two AA batteries, but it depends very much on your usage. If you take many videos, then the battery will go empty much faster. We have used this camera several times during the holidays and I later saw with surprise that the battery was still half full. This while it was certainly used extensively, not only underwater but also in town and on the beach.

Connecting to PC

You can connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cable. Unfortunately you can not just transfer the pictures from the camera. You get no CD-ROM supplied with the camera. The software is included on the camera when you connect the camera to your computer, the camera offers the software to install it. Installation is done within one minute and from this moment you can copy pictures from the camera and edit it with the software of your choice.

=== Conclusion ===

I bought this camera for the holidays and because it seemed like fun to even take pictures underwater. We want next year to Thailand or Australia where a waterproof camera is always handy for photos on the beach and under water. The price certainly did not deter me and after reading the comments, I was definitely sold. For about fifty pounds I had a camera with 12 megapixel and one from a known and reliable brand. The camera has certainly not disappointed me in action and I am very satisfied with the quality of the photos. The pictures look crisp and bright even when the pictures were taken underwater. The camera itself may perhaps not look great, but that's just a side issue, and certainly not the most important. I am very pleased with this camera, and therefore five stars!

Summary: great underwater camera

This review is the copyright of Misterlak, and cannot be copied without his permission.

To view user images of the C123 on Flickr click here

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