Dooyoo member MissKW reviewed the Easyshare C195 back in February of this year. With a 14 Megapixel sensor and 5X optical zoom lens, it's at the cheaper end of Kodak's range. With Kodak's track record of producing good entry level cameras, does the C195 live up to Kodak's heritage? Kerry's detailed review is reproduced below.

My Lovely New Camera.

A couple of years ago I bought my first digital camera for £80 from Argos. In recent months It hasn't been working so well and I started to consider buying a new one. My old one was only 5mp and didn't have optical zoom, so I wanted an upgrade: one with more megapixels and optical zoom. For those of you who don't know, digital zoom is zoom which blurs the image; optical zoom doesn't compromise the quality. I assumed that seeing as my old camera had been £80 and wasn't very good, it would cost me a lot to buy a much better one.

I started to look on several different websites and to my surprise I found I could get a really good camera for about the same price as my old one. It took me a while to find one but I eventually decided on the Kodak easyshare C195. From the Kodak website it is £81.99, which in my opinion is a good price for what it is. However, I bought it from Amazon for just £65.24, reduced from £79.99- Bargain! The camera is available in red or silver, although at £78.77, the red one is more expensive from Amazon for some reason.

Apart from the price, three main things attracted me to this camera. These were:

1. It has 14mp, which should produce very clear, detailed photographs.
2. It has 5X optical zoom. This is a good amount, i never need to zoom in completely.
3. Kodak is a good, reputable make for cameras.

So the camera arrived and in the box there was:

The camera (Thankfully)
2 AA batteries
Wrist strap (Which is very easy to attach to the camera)
USB cable (for connecting the camera to your computer)
User guide (Somewhat useful, although you have to work some stuff out for yourself)

In terms of looks the camera is pleasing to the eye, silver and shiny. It is light to hold (177g to be exact) which is another plus as some older cameras can get heavy after holding for a while. The camera is quite chunky compared to my old one but it still fits in my small camera case, so i'd say size isn't really an issue. It seems sturdy though, not so delicate that it will break if dropped. Saying this, I haven't dropped it yet and i'm not prepared to risk it for the sake of a review.

So as I mentioned the camera is 14mp. If you want a camera with more megapixels than that you will have to spend a lot more. For me, I think 14mp produces really good photographs. They are very clear and detailed, which is great for photos of most things. One slight downside to it is that when taking photos of people it picks up every blemish, every spot, every hair out of place. But I guess this just means it's a good camera producing accurate photos! Also, it does give you photo- editing software which you can use to remove blemishes, wrinkles and red eye. In my opinion the photo editing software is easy to use. It also has blur reduction- I often used to blur photos using my old camera but that never happens with this one.

A feature of the camera is it's 'Smart Capture' feature. When in smart capture mode, the camera automatically identifies the scene and adjusts camera settings for that particular environment. The idea is that this gives clear, sharp pictures even in low light and challenging situations. I have to say, I haven't had any dark or unclear photos from this camera so I think this feature works really well and it's definitely very useful.

Another feature is the face recognition feature. The camera automatically recognizes up to 20 pre-tagged faces so you can easily locate and share them later. To be honest, I haven't worked out how to do this yet but it could be useful when I do!

The camera also has a video mode. The videos are good quality but you can only use digital zoom, not optical, for videos. This may be a weakness in some situations.

You may be wondering where the name 'Easyshare' comes from. Well, this is another feature of all Kodak easyshare cameras and the idea is to simplify uploading photos yo photo sharing websites. When uploading photographs to photo sharing websites, instead of copying and pasting the files to your computer then going onto the website to upload, you simply press share, select where you want to upload them too, plug the camera into your computer and the rest is done for you. This is quite easy to do, however it doesn't exactly save much time so for me it isn't a feature i'm too bothered about using. Using this feature, you can upload photos to: Kodak Gallery, YouTube, Facebook, FlickR and Orkut.

The camera needs 2 AA batteries. As with most digital cameras the batteries don't really last that long. Mine ran out pretty quick, however after taking them out and giving them a shake they lasted a fair while longer. Still, you might consider investing in some rechargable batteries.

The camera has 32MB of internal memory, 19MB of which is available for picture storage. This isn't a huge amount but there is also a slot for an SD memory card. These memory cards can be purchased from Amazon for the following prices:

4GB - £5.07

8GB - £9.85
16GB - £15.69

To upload photos onto your computer, there are certain system requirements. I didn't think to check this before I bought the camera, but fortunately it wasn't a problem for me. The system requirements are:

Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 or later

Internet explorer 6.0 or higher


Macintosh 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 or higher

The hardware requirements are:

Pentium-4 1.4 GHz processor or higher

1 GB RAM and 64 MB video RAM
300 MB hard drive disk space available
CD-ROM drive
USB v1.1 or higher
1024 × 768 display resolution

One more thing i'll mention is that this camera comes with a one year guarantee.

Overall I'm glad I bought this camera. It is generally easy to use, although some of the more complicated features take a bit of working out. Furthermore, it takes great photographs. I would definitely recommend this camera as I don't think you'd get a better one for even nearly as cheap.

Summary: A great camera :)


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