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Jessops In Administration

It's another sad day for both the UK Photographic Industry and the UK High Street. Hot on the heels of the UK's Largest camera retailer Jacobs, in October, Jessops has called in Price Cooper Waterhouse to act as administrators. The stores are still trading, but they are not accepting any returns or honouring gift vouchers. One customer, with the username TransAm commented on DP Review website "I was in one of their stores today with my £250 vouchers about to buy a 60d. They didn't have one in stock but as they were expecting one in tomorrow asked me to come back then. Grrrr!" Jessops refusal to honour gift vouchers is apparently in breach of UK law. If you have unredeemed vouchers contact your local Trading Standards office for advice. 2,000 jobs are at risk.


Kodak Gallery To Close on 2nd July.

Kodak's popular Gallery which was a popular rival to Flickr is closing on 2nd July. A notice on it's Facebook page for the Gallery states

As Kodak Gallery closes on July 2, 2012, this Facebook Page will eventually be deleted. If you would like to learn about other Kodak products, news and promotions please like the Kodak Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/kodak
Just as Eastman had a goal to make photography "as convenient as the pencil," Kodak continues to expand the ways images touch people's daily lives. The company ranks as a premier multinational corporation, with a brand recognized in virtually every country around the world.

Point-n-shoot.co.uk fails to see how closing divisions for camera manufacturing, photo frames and the Gallery is expanding the ways images touch peoples lives. Rather the opposite in fact, as reducing the number of ways Kodak can touch peoples lives appears to be the outcome. Cameras are the most obvious way images touch peoples lives, and unless kodak have invented a new way of capturing images, for example sunglasses cameras that project the images onto the lenses like a HUD display, then they are actually reducing the number of ways Kodak touches peoples lives


Kodak Announces New Tips, Tricks & Projects Exchange.

Kodak today launched their 'New' 'Tips, Tricks & Projects Exchange', a large section dedicated to getting the photographer to taking better photos. It's essentially a revamp of the old section with lot's of new ideas for taking and editing your photo's and video's, along with links to enable you to order item's such as photobooks, coasters, mugs and lots more from Kodak. The tips and projects are not aimed at the semi pro market, in fact they appear focused on the everyday user. You don't have to own an expensive camera to use the site. Point-n-shoot wholeheartedly endorses this site, as it caters for everyone, not just high end camera users.

Kodak to stop selling Digital Cameras?

I just noticed this sad announcement on the Kodak press office website. I can't believe that the invetor of the digital camera in 1975 is to 'Phase out' of Digtal Camera Production. http://www.kodak.com/ek/US/en/News_Media/Kodak-at-CES-2012.htm.  It follows a major reorganisation of Kodak's U.S. operations.(http://www.kodaktransforms.com/) . It's on the Kodak Facebook page's wall and appears to have been posted about 1.30pm GMT. I googled this and couldn't find any other web sites mentioning this, so it looks like Point-n-shoot's first scoop.

Today Kodak announced that we will be phasing out of the market for digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames during 2012. Kodak's Consumer Business will focus on desktop inkjet, online and retail based printing – which offer great opportunities for profitable growth. We will also continue to offer camera accessories which work with other brands.

We would like to thank all of our fans and let you know we appreciate you choosing Kodak products. Please know that we will still honor all warranties and provide service and support for our cameras, pocket video cameras and frames. Questions? Please visit this site --> http://kodak.ly/w6e0rS

The link at the bottom takes you to the following announcement:

Kodak plans to phase out of the market for dedicated capture devices – digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames – during 2012 to focus its Consumer Business on desktop inkjet, online and retail-based printing – areas that offer the most significant opportunities for profitable growth. Kodak will continue to offer camera accessories and batteries, which are universally compatible with other brands.

We appreciate you choosing Kodak products. Please be assured that we will continue to honor all warranties, and provide technical support and service for our cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.

There is also an FAQ on the page. To me, Kodak will be remembered as the first of the major manufacturers to release a 2 Mp camer with screen for under £100. But with fierce competition at the entry level sector Just how much profit will a manufacturer make on a £50.00 digicam? If Jessops can sell a 14 Mp camera for under £40.00 and make a profit (see Megapixel Madness) how much profit are the companies making on them?. Kodak Digicams will be sorely missed.


 07 Feb 2012

GE Cameras Congratulate www. point-n-shoot.co.uk

General Imaging's Country Manager for the UK, Ireland and the Nordics, Gary Sutton, sent the following message to www.point-n-shoot.co.uk.

Well done to all at point-n-shoot for producing a website that is dedicated to the photo beginner. I hope that it will encourage and inspire the new photographer to be more creative with their cameras.

Www.point-n-shoot.co.uk thanks Gary and all at GE Cameras for this message of encouragement.

The current GE camera range can be viewed at their website www.generalimaging.com , whilst our American visitors should go to www.general-imaging.com .

New GE Cameras announced at CES


Four new GE digital cameras were announced at CES. The 14.4-megapixel GE G100 is the flagship model in the range with a 28-420mm equivalent lens, optical image stabilisation, 30 scene modes, high speed continuous shooting and Full HD movie recording. The ultra-compact GE E1410SW boasts 14.4 megapixels, 10X optical zoom, Full HD movie capture and is housed in a sleek and stylish metal body. Finally, the GE Smart series has been expanded with two 14.1-megapixel models, the 5x zoom GE J1458W and the AA-powered, GE C1440 with 4x optical zoom

2012 line includes CMOS technology and other must-have features


Underscoring its continuing commitment to deliver high-performance cameras that offer more features, the picture-perfect 2012 GE line offers consumers CMOS technology and 1080p HD video recording, among other must-have, advanced features.


Power PRO Series: High Performance Cameras


General Imaging continues to build on last year’s highly successful models

  * G100 – The perfect choice for the photography enthusiast moving from a traditional point-and-shoot to a more powerful camera, the G100 is a compact camera with a 28mm Wide Angle lens in the mega zoom category. A unique form factor for the GE Digital Camera line, the G100 incorporates 15X optical zoom and 14.4 megapixels in a sleek design. Aptina™ A-Pix™ CMOS sensor technology allows the G100 to shoot high-speed photos (at a rate of 10 frames per second) and advanced high-performance 1080p HD video. A built-in HDMI port allows users to connect the camera to an HDTV for instant group sharing. The G100 is equipped with over 30 different shooting modes and all the must-have features GE digital cameras are known for, such as a large 3-inch high-resolution LCD, Optical Image Stabilisation and a 3200 ISO for more light sensitivity. Multi-Exposure- up to 6 images on one frame, Object Tracking and improved HDR+ with image blending are all included. The G100 will be available in March in black, red or white.



GE Power Series: More Powerful for Everyday Photographers

Featuring advanced Aptina™ A-Pix™ CMOS sensor technology, the E1410SW delivers distinct performance enhancing features to the GE camera range including: increased shutter speed, continuous high speed shooting (at a rate of 10 frames per second), high-performance 1080p HD video recording, and improved High Dynamic Range to name a few.

  * E1410SW – The ideal “go anywhere camera,” the ultra-compact E1410SW boasts 14.4 megapixels and 10X optical zoom and is housed in a sleek and stylish design measuring only 25mm  in depth. With Aptina™ A-Pix™ CMOS technology, the E1410SW can capture sharp, multi-burst photos with increased shutter speed. The camera features a large 3-inch LCD, powerful long zoom and wide-angle lens accompanied by enhanced light sensitivity, which provides the best quality still images together with the ability to take advanced, high-performance 1080p HD video. The E1410SW is offered in black, brown, red or champagne.


GE Smart Series: Giving the Everyday Photographer More

Among the most practical and reliable pointandshoot digital cameras in the market, GE Smart Series cameras offer more features and advanced technology than found in standard mobile phone cameras, making it easier than ever to capture and share favourite moments.

  * J1458W – A feature-rich, lithium-ion battery camera, the J1458W is equipped with a 5X optical zoom, 14.1 megapixels and a 2.7-inch screen for easy viewing. The J1458W is packed with a host of intuitive and easy to use features such as Smile Detection, in which the shutter automatically releases when the subject  smiles, and Pan Capture, where impressive wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across  the scene to create a seamless panoramic picture. The J1458W will be available in the spring in black, red and silver.


  * C1440W – The C1440W  offers intuitive features producing high-quality photos no matter your level of expertise.Image Stabilisation adjusts for unintentional camera movements, giving you clear, crisp pictures every time, while Face Auto Exposure seamlessly enhances facial features detected by the camera for true subject highlighting. AA Batteries, an impressive 14.1 megapixels, 4X zoom, 27mm Wide Angle lens, and the ability to capture videos in High Definition 720p resolution provide the finishing touches.

 The C1440W will be available in the spring in black, red and silver.



GE G100 (available from April). left, and E1410SW (Currently available at Argos for £109.99)

Also due from GE later this year are two new Power Pro series cameras, the X550, and the X600. Point-n-shoot has been informed by GE's Gary Sutton that the X550 will be an updated version of the popular X500 wiith improved HDR capabilities and the ability to track objects.  The X600, which is due here 'Late Summer' will add a whopping 25 x Optical zoom lens (giving it a longer reach than either Nikkon, Fuji or Panasonic's equivalent bridge cameras), as well as Aptina's A-Pix Cmos sensor, full 1080p video, more shooting modes and a lithium i-on battery. Point-n-shoot welcomes these new cameras from GE, as they are bold moves. The X600 will mean GE will be the only camera camera manufacturer that doesn't have an established camera heritage to feature a 25 X zoom bridge camera. If it's as well recieved as it's X5/X500 predecessors it will be a great camera. Point-n-shoot estimates a street price of between UKP £149.99 and £174.99.

Fujifilm’s Spring 2012 range continues the FinePix tradition of offering exceptional performance at a wide range of budgets - thanks to enhanced versions of the company’s proprietary picture technologies, improved designs and a host of new, advanced features.


Star products of the new FinePix range include: a high quality, semi-pro all-in-one model (HS30 EXR),   a high-end ultra-compact model (F770 EXR), a super rugged, GPS enabled camera (XP150), a high quality bridge camera with Lithium-ion batteries (SL300)  and  a super slim, social media focused, style compact (Z110). Full details of all 17 new models can be found at www.fujifilm.co.uk/presscentre. All models available from March 2012.


Unique Fujifilm technologies - now even better


In addition to super quality, high-zoom, bespoke Fujinon lenses many of the Spring 2012 FinePix cameras also feature newly developed or improved Fujifilm technologies including: even better EXR CMOS performance - with up to 30% less digital noise - improved EVF or LCD displays, a new intelligent digital zoom facility and improved GPS technology with new functionality.

Highlight models for Spring 2012


Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR – Versatility and exceptional image quality


The FinePix HS range has become synonymous with versatility and optical quality among those photographers who don't want the lens-changing capability of a DSLR, but still want total control over their images.


The HS30EXR includes a number of key improvements over the HS20EXR model it replaces including the new EXR CMOS sensor, a greatly improved Electronic Viewfinder and LCD screen, improved start-up and shoot times and a long lasting lithium-ion battery.


Features include:

  • 16 MP EXR-CMOS sensor
  • 30 x Fujinon Optical zoom lens (24-720mm equivalent to a 35mm camera)
  • Up to 60x Intelligent Digital zoom
  • 3” LCD screen with Sunny Day Mode
  • 1080p Full HD movie capture
  • RAW file format

Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR - Incredible zoom and fast focusing in a pocketable size


The FinePix F770EXR redefines what’s possible with a small camera thanks to its enviable specification that packs a high quality 20x optical zoom Fujinon lens but without increasing the size of the camera. In fact, the body of the FinePix F770EXR is the smallest camera housing in the world*¹ to include a 20x optical zoom lens , made possible by the newly designed Double Sliding

Lens System


Features include:

·         High quality Fujinon 20x optical zoom covering 25-500mm (equivalent to a 35mm camera)

·         Intelligent Digital Zoom boosting range to approx 40x

·         16 MP EXR-CMOS sensor

·         3”LCD with 460,000 dots

·         Full 1080p HD movie capture

·         RAW file capture

The FinePix F770EXR will be available in black, red, white and blue finishes


*1 Among 20X long zoom compact models as of December 2011.

Fujifilm FinePix Z110: The Perfect camera for the style conscious snapper



In the styling stakes, the Z110 can rightly claim to be a supermodel thanks to a sleek all-metal casing that slides open at the front to activate the camera and to reveal the premium-quality 5x optical zoom Fujinon lens.


Next to the FinePix Z110’s Fujinon lens is a Frame Assist Mirror that’s curved to show the entirety of a scene and assist composition when the camera’s held at arm’s length for shooting a self-portrait or group shot.  Face Detection ensures that everyone in the shot is sharp and perfectly exposed. Plus, after an image has been taken, users can choose to apply the FinePix Face Retouching functions.


Other features include:

  • 14.1 Megapixel CCD sensor
  • 5x optical Fujinon zoom lens
  • Six colours, new stylish design
  • Frame Assist Mirror
  • Face Retouch Mode
  • 2.7”LCD screen
  • Motion Panorama mode


The FinePix Z110 will be available in six gorgeous colours: pink, purple, jade, blue, white and black.

Fujifilm FinePix XP150:  Good looking, better pictures and super rugged


The FinePix XP150 sets a new standard for all-weather digital compacts thanks to a solid build, rubberized coating and riveted metal handgrip, making it the toughest FinePix yet, perfect for taking anywhere. And with the new high sensitivity GPS antenna it’s now quicker and easier to pinpoint your location and track your movements.


Features include:

  • 14.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent to a 35mm camera) with water repellent coating
  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Shockproof to 2m
  • Freezeproof to -10 C
  • Dust/Sandproof
  • High sensitivity GPS


The XP150 will be available in five colours: black, silver, orange, green and blue.


Fujifilm FinePix SL300: flexibility, creative control and outstanding optics

The new FinePix SL300 bridge camera has the performance and creative flexibility to take the keen photo enthusiast to the next level

Key Features are:

  • 1/ 2.3-inch 14 Megapixel CCD sensor
  • 3-inch LCD screen with 460,000 dots
  • TTL Hot Shoe Flash
  • Additional zoom level
  • ISO 100-6400
  • 720p HD Movie capture
  • Lithium-ion battery delivering up to 300 shots per charge


Fujifilm X-S1: The bridge camera, reinvented


The Fujifilm X series of premium cameras has a third model – the X-S1, due to be launched in the UK in February 2012 – and just like the two before it, this latest addition sets new standards in design and performance.


The X-S1 represents a new breed of bridge cameras. Built in Japan to exacting standards, the body has a high-quality look and feel with metal dials, a rubberised coating and superior handling characteristics that will appeal to the discerning photo enthusiast.


In addition, the X-S1 offers a premium picture-taking performance to match its looks. From the high-quality Fujinon 26x optical zoom lens through to the EXR sensor taken from the X10 and the wide range of functions, the X-S1 puts the photographer in complete control. 


Maximum optical versatility

The centrepiece of the X-S1 is the Fujinon 26x optical zoom lens. Offering a range of 24-624mm (35mm equivalent) it caters perfectly for every photographic need and features a bright f/2.8 maximum aperture at the wide-angle setting.


This optical range is boosted further by Fujifilm’s Intelligent Digital Zoom capability, which effectively doubles the focal range without the drop in picture quality normally associated with digital zoom functions. As a result, the X-S1 offers users an incredible 52x zoom range of 24-1248mm (35mm equivalent).


Optically, the lens comprises 17 glass elements, which includes four aspherical elements and two ED lenses, to deliver images with superb edge-to-edge sharpness and amazing clarity. The lens’ construction is of the highest standard, featuring metal cams for smooth zoom control and fast, precise framing.


The X-S1 is also ideally suited to capturing subjects close up. In standard mode, the zoom focuses down to 30cm, but by selecting Super Macro Mode, users can focus down to 1cm for frame-filling close-up images. Furthermore, the lens’ aperture is made up of nine blades for excellent bokeh effect photography.

Great results in every picture-taking scenario

The X-S1 features the same 2/3-inch 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor as the X10 which ensures high quality images regardless of the lighting conditions.


The unique EXR CMOS technology pioneered by Fujifilm allows the user to switch between three modes depending on the lighting conditions – or leave the camera to make its own choice in the Auto EXR mode.


Switching between the modes changes the performance of the sensor. The High Resolution option is perfect in bright conditions or when the very best picture quality is the primary aim. Wide Dynamic Range mode should be chosen in scenes of high contrast when the user wants to get details in both shadow and highlight areas of an image, while the High Sensitivity & Low Noise option should be selected for optimum results in low light conditions.


Coupled to the EXR CMOS sensor is the high speed EXR processor, which offers a minimal shutter lag of just 0.01sec and a high speed continuous shooting capability of seven frames-per-second at full resolution (Large JPEG) or 10 frames-per-second at six megapixel resolution (Medium JPEG).


The X-S1 also takes high-quality movies. It captures Full High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) video with stereo sound at 30 frames-per-second, which is saved in the H.264 format.


Easy composition and image review

The X-S1 offers a powerful combination of high quality electronic viewfinder and rear LCD to ensure composing and viewing images is quick and simple, regardless of the lighting conditions.


The 0.47-inch electronic viewfinder (EVF) features 1.44 million pixels for superb image clarity and has a wide viewing area of 26 degrees to reduce eye strain. The bright EVF makes it easy to check settings or adjust focus manually.


On the back of the X-S1 is a high quality, tiltable three-inch LCD. It features 460,000 pixels making it easier for users to scroll through menus, assess exposure accuracy and view images. The LCD also offers a useful Daylight mode that overcomes the problem of viewing the screen in bright conditions.



Full user control and picture taking versatility

The X-S1 offers a superb level of functionality whether users want to make picture taking as simple as using a compact or as involved as a fully-manual digital SLR.


For simplicity, the X-S1 will assess the subject and then select the relevant scene mode for the perfect result, automatically switching the EXR CMOS sensor accordingly. Not only does it ascertain the type of scene being photographed, it can also calculate whether an image contains a person, features backlighting or has any subject movement. ISO settings are taken care of too by the Auto ISO mode, which selects the optimum setting between ISO 100 and 3200. Those after more ISO flexibility can select up to ISO 12800 (Small JPEG format only).


Photographers after full control are well catered for with the X-S1. The camera offers a full range of conventional shooting functions (program/aperture-priority/shutter-priority/manual), plus users can also fine tune levels of colour, image sharpness and tone. Additionally, the X-S1 provides four auto bracketing options, eight Film Simulation and white balance functions and a Raw file format


Launched in February 2012, in the UK, the X-S1 will have an estimated selling price of £699.


Fujifilm X-S1 key features

High quality Fujinon 26x optical zoom covering 24-624mm (35mm equivalent) with Intelligent Digital Zoom boosting range up to 1248mm

• Superb build quality and finish with rubberised coating and metal dials

• 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor

• Up to 10 frames-per-second shooting

• Large EVF with 1.44 million pixels and 26 degree viewing angle

• Tiltable three-inch rear LCD with Sunny Day mode

• Full HD video

• PASM modes

• Raw file format

• Film simulation modes

• Macro focusing down to 1cm

• Lithium battery providing up to 500 shots per charge

• Optical image stabilisation

• 360° Motion Panorama mode

In all, a total of 18 new Fujifilm models were unveiled at the industry wide CES exhibition in January. 2012. This is a bold move from Fujifilm. The HS 30 and SL300 will be available from the 24th Feb from Amazon.co.uk at  £399.99 and £249.99  respectively, whilst the F770 EXR Will be available from March 7th at £299.99. It's expected that the prices will drop after they go on sale. The X-S1 is currently on sale and the Amazon UK price is £589.00. It's current RRP is £599.99 which is some £200.00 cheaper than when it first went on sale. 18 models is a huge range to unveil, and full credit is due to Fujifilm for including basic point and shoot models right up to what they class as 'Pro' cameras. 



From L-R F770 EXR, HS30, Z110, S-X1, F770 lens, XP150 & XPro1. 

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