If you're married, you'll probably have a wedding album. I have a Photobook for my album. A 'Photobook' is simply a photo album bound in a book cover. You can use a specialist site to order one, or you can create and print your own. Many digital cameras come with Arcsoft software, and this usually includes the free 'Print Creations' software to create your own albums. Whilst the photobook option is a time limited demo version, you can create individual album pages with this easy to use software and use them to create your own album.

Scroll down using the slider on the right of the window untill you find a style you like. Each style has several different page layouts, so each page hasn't got the same layout, which would make the book boring. For this project we'll use the 'Contemporary 08' layout as it allows us to put 8 images on one page.

Click the start button or press the Windows key and scroll down and  click on 'All programmes.' You should see the splash screen on the left, and Then click on 'Arc Soft Print Creations' and then on 'Album Page.' followed by 'All Free.'

Double click on the page layout and it will load. You will see a box for each picture containing a tiny photo with a blue arrow over it. Click the 'Add Photo' icon with the green plus sign on it to open the browse photos box. In the left hand pane, scroll to  'Libraries' and click the plus sign then click the plus on 'Pictures' then scroll to your preferred folder and double click the name, not the plus sign, to show thumbnails of the photo's within in, and hold the CTRL key down as you select each image by single clicking, not double clicking, it. when you've selected all the images click 'Next.' The images appear in a strip down the left hand pane of the window. If you need to add more images, just click the green 'Plus' icon again and repeate the process until you've selected all the photo's you need to fill the template. You could add a few extra for a little more choice.

Drag and drop your photos on to the template. Depending upon the template selected you may have to drag the image around the frame you've dragged it into. Alternatively, click on a frame, then double click on a photo to add, or for the easy way to add images click 'Auto fill' at the bottom of the picture stack. It's the square frames you'll have to do this with, the ones in the proper photo ratio will take the whole photo. If you click the box marked 'Hide pictures in use' then what you've already added to the template will not be visible unless you remove it from the template. If you look at the image on the right you'll see it's not completed yet. Once you've filled the template, click 'Preview' to view a full screen preview of the page, and then press the 'Esc' key on the keyboard to return to the normal window. If you're happy with the preview click 'Print.'

This is the print preview window where we print our images from. Select the printer you're using from the drop down list, the paper size, which should be A4 for a photobook, If you click the 'Prin Setup' box you can access the printer driver settings to change things like paper type, print quality, and landdscape or portrait options, You can scale to fit the page,or scale verically or horizontally. The latter put 18 images on the paper in portrait orientation. the final step is to click print and watch your printed output coming out of your printer.

After you've printed your page, you can share your photobook pages with family and friends via e-mail or save it as a single image for easy viewing in Windows Live Photo Gallery, Photoshop, or your preferred image viewer.

To finish your book, decide how many pages you want,  and create each page individually and then put them into an A4 album or an A4 ring binder. If you print the pages on A4 photo card, you can put them back to back in a punched pocket  to create your photobook. If you want your book professionally bound and printed, there are many websites on the internet that do the whole job for you and deliver it in under a week. One such site that's easy to use is is H.P.'s Snapfish  (www.snapfish.co.uk). It looks very easy to use, and you can add up to 15 images per page. It works in a similarway to the Arc Soft software, with the exception being that you don't print your images off yourself, you get your book through the post. Myphotobook.co.uk offers a free download for creating your book offline and uploading to the site to order.your book. Similarly. Jessops, (www,jessops.co.uk) offer a free photobook creation CD, that does the same thing. You can pick up a free copy in any Jessops store (subject to availability).

I can't vouch for all services, but one of my wedding presents was a photobook. Although all the photos my wife and I selected were pin sharp, some printed out very pixelated, but only about 5 out of 40 images suffered from this. By contrast all the images I printed off using the Arc Soft were perfectly sharp. If your camera didn't come with a copy (my Kodak did) you can download a free copy from http://www.arcsoft.com/product/win.html#pageTitlePos

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