The first article I had published on a photography website (as opposed to me writing articles for sites anyone can post to) was for Photography Blog and was about Superdrug selling 3 & 4 Megapixel cameras at the then ridiculous prices of between £25.00 - £35.00 on a weekend only special deal, half the price they were on sale for in the other high street chains. The site's owner, Mark Goldstein, gave it the heading 'Megapixel Madness'. The feature was never followed up on as visitors to his site never e-mailed in the best deals. As the actual article was mine, and it makes a snappy title, I thought 'What the heck.....' so I'm using it for this page.

Megapixel Madness is essentially a round up of the best offers on the High Street and online. It will be in date order to make it easy to follow. All deals are current to the date on them, and may be out of stock if it's some time ago..


The current 'Non Stop Price Drops' booklet features three half price deals that will appeal to budget concious snappers who are looking for a bit more reach than a basic 3X or 5X zoom compact offers. First d cheaoest of the three, is the 10X zoom Polaroid IEX29 at £39.99. Although it was originally sold for £79.99, it was previously sold as low as £44.99. For a 10X zoom camera this model (manufactured by Sakar under license) is a great price for a camera with such a large zoom.

Next up is a Kodak FZ201 compact with a large 20X zoom at just £69.99. Made under license by JK Imaging, it looks like a bridge camera, but is a compact. It also features a pop up flash. Originally £150.00, it has also been on sale at £99.99,
but with a further £30.00 off, it's a cracking bargain for those of us not happy with the quality of their smartphone pictures.

And doubling the zoom length again, the 40X Zoom Canon Powershot SX410 is on sale at £129.99. Although it has been sold £10 cheaper, for a 40X zoom Canon it's a good deal.

There's also a 50X Polaroid IXX5038 for £99.99, and a 26X zoom Nikon Coolpix L330 bridge camera for £69.99, but these are on the website or in the current catalogue. With more reach than most expensive lenses costing thousands, you need never be short on zoom range again.

27 July 2014

Here's an absolute corker of a deal from Argos, and it's not a special offer but a new catalogue price which should be for the next six months, unless stocks sell out, which at this price I can see happening. The Canon EOS M compact system camera is on sale for the amazing price of £199.99. For an 18 Mp camera with the same APS-C sensor as in the EOS 550D/600D SLR cameras, and interchangeable lenses, this is a fantastic price, and they should fly off the shelves. For those of you undecided as to whether or not to buy an SLR or bridge camera, this low price could be the deciding factor  for you. Other highlights in the new catalogue.Surprisingly, this current catalogue, only features two compact system models. As arguably.the leading high street camera retailer (overall units sold), I'm unsure as to whether Argos is making a statement that they think the CSC market is on it's last legs.

16 Jan 2014

Fujifilm's Fuji Shop has a fantastic refurbished bargain on offer. The Finepix S8500 bridge camera comes with a whopping 46X optical zoom, and originally had a recommended price new of £269.99. This refurbished model comes with a full 12mths warranty, case and a 2GB Fuji branded SD card for just £149.99 delivered. As a Fuji Shop refurbished customer I can vouch for the quality of their refurbished product being indistinguishable from a new camera. Click this link to view the offer. It's sure to sell out quickly, so be sure to get in quickly.

13 June 2013

Argos have a 'Sale' on at the moment, and three cameras stand out: There's the Canon Powershot SX 150 at a penny shy of £70.00, with 14 Mp and a large 12 X optical zoom (559/7271), the Canon Powershot A 810 with 16 Mp and a 5 X Optical Zoom at a cracking price of £34.99 (559/7769) in black- not the red version, whilst the Nikon D3100 is just one pence under £280.00, the cheapest high street price for a camera in it's class.  Hurry though, the D3100 offer ends on 15th June, and the SX150 deal finishes on 16th. Be sure to use the codes above though, if you search the Argos website, as there are several pages with the same products on with different codes and higher prices.

20th Feb 2013

Very Catalogue  have a very nice (excuse the pun) offer on the Samsung WB101 16MP 26X zoom bridge camera. Not only is it at the reasonable price of £109.00, but there's also a free 4GB memory card with it, AND, there's a free carry case, AND you can pay by three interest free monthly payments of £36.33. For a 26X zoom camera it's a very tempting offer and one that's sure to sell out very quickly. Check it out at

26 Dec 2012.

It's Sale time once again. (Have we ever had a week this year where theree hasn't been a sale on in the Uk?) Here's the pick of this seasons best photography bargains.

As prices drop, and zooms get longer, here's a sale bargain that seems to be going by unnoticed. PC World are offering a 16 MP GE X2600 bridge camera with a whopping 26X optical zoom. It's got 720p HD video, Manual modes, plenty of scene modes and at an amazing £94.99 has to be Britains cheapest superzoom camera. Find the info here, but at this price it won't be in stock for long. They're also offering the Vivitar T027 12 MP fixed lens camera for £24.99, a great introductory camera for the kids.

Argos are offering Canons Powershot SX150 with 14 MP and a large 12X optical zoom for a jaw dropping £69.99. How low can prices go? They're also selling the 14 MP 5X zoom Fuji AX510 for a penny under £40.00. View their sale cameras here|category_root|Technology|33006169/pp/50/q/GREAT+DEALS+ON+CAMERAS.htm?tag=ar:pricecutspage:pseudolifestyle1:slot14:promocameras but be sure to scroll right down to the bottom of each page to find the intervening prices the cameras have previously been on sale for within the last 6 mths, as the actual savings advertised aren't what they seem.

Jessops have Fuji's 14 MP 5X zoom AX500 for the same price as Argos' AX510. They're also doing a bundle deal with a case and 4 energiser lithium  batteries for an extra tenner. Looking at Jessops website, they seem to be advertising some cameras with manufacturer cash back deals with the price after cash back the first and most prominent price. The price you pay in stores is below this in red. In my personal it's a bit naughty, but many comanies do it. Americas BusinesWeek estimates on average 60% of redemptions are claimed (sourece Wikipedia).

20 Dec 2012.

PC World are offering the 16MP Cannon Powershot A3400 IS with a 3 inch touch screen for just £59.99. A great price for touchscreen technology!

21 Oct 2012

PC World are offering the GE Power Pro X500 16 MP 15x optical zoom bridge cameras for just £79.97. For someone wanting to get into advanced photography this cracking little camera is a bargain. You can order the camera online for instore collection here, and you can read my review of it's little brother, the X5 here.

03 Apr 2012

Kodak has added some more refubished cameras to it's online store. With prices starting at just £24.99 with a full 12 mth warranty and free delivery, there never been a better time to buy a refurbished camera. Theres a 10.3 Mp Easyshare C1013 for just £26.99 deliverd, and you can't get much better than that. To buy these bargains and help point-n-shoot click on

Fuji's online shop has some great refurbished bargains too, such as a 12 Mp L55 camera with rechargeable battery for £29.99 or a 14 Mp JV 200 for £32.99. There's also a full 12 month warranty for your peace of mind, and at £5.00, delivery's not excessive either. Enthusiasts will delighted to find the F600EXR with the advanced  Backlit 16 Mp CMOS sensor, a large 15 X  superzoom lens, full HD1080p video and built in GPS to tag your pictures as you take them for an amazing £!29.98 for a camera introduced in November at a price of over £300.00 (£317.33 is the link.

09 Feb 2012.

Jessops have the 14 Mp Nikon Coolpix L24 on sale at the special price of £39.99, which I think is the cheapest 14 Mp optical zoom camera from a major manufacturer on the UK high street.

This next deal is one I heard from my contact at GE, and it is unverified. Apparantley, some Asda stores still have GE X5's in stock at £69.00. My contact says this info is unverified, though he has seen the X5 in Asda himself for £79.00 previously. You'll have to take pot luck, as probably only a few stores will have them.

31 Jan 2012

Fuji have some excellent refurbished camera deals on their website. Just surf to and click on the shop link. You can pick up refurbished 14MP cameras with a full 12 month warranty for under £34.00. Hurry, as these deals sell out quickly.

26 Jan 2012

Asda have a cracking deal in store for a Fuji 2GB memory card and case for an amazing £5.00. Considering that 2GB cards on their own cost more than a fiver, it's an excellent deal. The case should fit most small compacts, though I'd advise that if you're going for one you should take your camera to be on the safe side. You should get over 200 12MP images on the card, more if you lower the quality.

01 Dec 2011.

Asda has the 10Mp, 5X optical zoom Nikon Coolpix L23 bundle with case and 4 Gigabyte SD card for just £39.00. Considering it's available online at various sites from around £48.00 upwards, the bundle deal's a cracker. Asda online was out of stock, but I spotted it in a couple of stores over the weekend. Definately one to grab whilst you can.

Asda is also offering the Fujifilm Z70 for the low price of £50.00 (reduced from £90.00). The lowest price elsewhere seems to be on Amazon at a penny shy of £60.00. With 12Mp. 5X optical zoom and rechargeable lithium battery, it's a great price.

Argos has the 14Mp 21X optical zoom Nikon Coolpix L120 on a 'Half Price' (Cough Cough) deal for £129.99 until Christmas Eve. With a street price of around £160.00  - £180, at £30.00 - £50.00 cheaper than anywhere else,  It's selling fast. I Checked stock at several Argos stores online just by typing in 1AA as the last part of the postcode (usually the city centre), Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich, Preston and Croydon had either zero stock or 1 in stock. Some  central London stores had stocks, but it seems that if you want one you'd better be quick.

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