The growth of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as photo sharing sites like Flickr and Kodak Gallery have lead to massive growth in the number of photographs 'Floating' around in cyberspace. Now anyone can 'Log in, look at and leave a comment' on our photo's. Our 'Rellies' miles away on the other side of the world can view our treasured snapshots, and memorable moments such as the arrival of a new baby can be shared by the whole family just moments after posting. It's not hard, but depending upon the speed of your internet connection, it can be time consuming. Many cameras have a direct upload feature to the most popular sites built in to the camera to make it even easier to upload your snaps. We'll show you how upload to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Facebook is the worlds favourite social networking site, It's easy to upload a photo to Facebook, At the top of your profile under the search bar are three links. You want the middle one, Upload photo/video. Click it and three boxes appear:Upload photo/video, Use webcam and Create photo album. For this part of the tutorial we want to upload a single photo so click the first option, 'Upload photo/video'. The box changes. You can write something into the 'Say something about this....' text box if you wish to describe the image or make a comment. Click the 'Browse' button and a Windows Explorer window opens up on the 'Pictures' library folder. Scroll down and double click the folder your image is in. I'll upload a photo from my holiday snaps for this tutorial.

Once you've selected the folder, scroll down to the photo you want to upload and double click it. The explorer window reverts to the facebook page and we can add a location in the box at the bottom if you wish. Then, by clicking the arrow next to 'Friends' we can choose who we want to see our photo. If you make it 'Public', the whole world can view it, or we can use the default option 'Friends' or even select 'Custom' to choose which friends you want to view it, useful if you've got friends you don't want to see it like your parents or Aunt Maude. Then it's simply a matter of clicking 'Publish' to make your photo available for your selected friends to see.

Voila! All my friends can see my photo! If you've a lot of photos then you can create an album instead. If you click this option instead of 'Upload photo/video' then an 'Upload tip' box appears. It tells you that to upload multiple photo's you simply hold ctrl when you select the photo's you want to upload. However, before you can do this you must click the 'Select Photo's' button. As before, Windows Explorer opens in the Pictures Library. Select your album and hold the ctrl key down to select the pictures you wand and then press 'Open' Another box opens as the pictures are uploaded. As they are uploading you can type a name for the album and a location in the box. You can also choose between standard and high definition  images, but be aware the latter takes 10 times longer to upload, and if you've slow computter or connection lots of 14MP images can take over 30 minutes. You can also choose who you share your photo's with, just like you do with single images.

Click 'Create album'  and you'll be taken to a new page with all your pictures on. You can add a description to each photo, put a location to indvidual images and tag people in photo's by clicking on that person in the photo. There's a delete tab so you can get rid of any unwanted images, and an edit tag, should you decide at any time to change the information. Decide which image you'd like to be the album's 'Cover', which is the image you see when someone click's  on the  'Photo's' link on your wall page or when the album is listed on your posts. Before your friends can see your album, you need to click the 'Publish' button. Whenever you edit an album you need to click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Twitter doesn't allow direct upload of images to your tweets, but don't be disheartened, it's really easy to do. There are a couple of sharing services that will do it for you. The biggest is Twitpic used by many celebreties. click on the link to go to and click on the sign in with Twitter button in the top right. If it's the first time you've used Twitpic follow the easy procedure. If you're already logged into Twitter it uses the info to create the Twitpic profile for you. If not, it's a simple process. When you've finished, click on the 'Upload Photo or Video' tab at the top of the screen and then click the 'Browse' button. Browse to the folder you want, and then double click on the image to select it, the same as if you were uploading to facebook. It must be smaller than 10 Megabytes in size, so even a 14MP image will do (unless it's a raw image). Next, add your message or tweet, and click the 'Upload' button at the bottom, and your tweet will be sent.

When the image has uploaded, go to your twitter account and your tweet will be there. Click on 'View Picture' and your picture is visible for all to see. My Twitter address is @pointnshootuk so follow the site on twitter and see the images I've posted.

Flickr is the biggest photo sharing site on the internet. There's probably over 6 billion images on flickr (Apr 2011 and rising steadily at about 3,000 images a minute). It's home to over 5 million users, and content ranges covers just about everything you can legally or morally think of. Click on the 'Sign Up' tab (it's pink), and use your Yahoo or Facebook I.D. Once you've done that you'll see your 'Home' page which looks something like the picture on the right. Click on the 'Upload Photo's & Video' link, and then 'Choose photos and videos'. You'll see a small window open.

You'll see a small window open, just like in facebook. Scroll down to the folder you want and double click it, then hold down the ctrl key and single click on images to select them. You have a 300Mb a month limit for uploads. When you've finished click 'Open'. The screen changes, and you get a pane with a list of yourselected photos. You can click to upload them, or click to add more photo's from another folder, and there's privacy options to select. The default setting for this is public, but you can choose from family and friends or both as well. As with Facebook, it's a slow proccess..

When it's complete, you'll see a green tick appear and a link giving you the option to add a description and tag the photo's. Click on the links to do so, or just publish to your photostream.Click the link below to visit my photostream.'s items Go to's photostream

Many new cameras now have a direct upload feature. My Kodak point and shoot does via the Share button. Simply select on camera which pictures you want to upload, then connect the camera to the computer via USB and let the software do the rest.You can also tag people and places before you upload pictures. It varies slightly between manufacturer, but is really easy. Just folow the instructions in your camera's manual.

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