Sat 14th July Colour (6) Filters

Filters often enhance the available light that your camera's sensor sees to improve picture quality. You can also get filters of different colours such as orange or yellow for enhancing these colours. Most are round and screw on to lenses on SLR's or superzoom models, bit you can buy square filters that you can hold up to the lens by hand if you don't have a filter thread. Sunsets are enhanced with orange or yellow filters, whilst green filters enhance grass, and blue filters enhance...... Well i'm sure you've worked out that they enhance sky or sea. Vivid red ones recreate infra red nightime photos and there are lots od diffrent colours you can experiment with. If you don't want to buy filters, coloured cellophane makes a great alternative.

Tues 10th July Colour (2) Divide  

Inagine a great beach shot. You will see two main colours, the yellowy brown sand and the blue sea and water. The Horizon is often the dividing line of your image. A landscape with a green field and blue sky will also have the horizon as it's dividing lines. Making your two main colours in an image run along a dividing line makes for a pleasing photograph Ir doesn't need to be restricted to landscapes either. Think about different ways you can utilse this tyour advantage.

Wed 11th July Colur (3) Shoot Vivid!

Summer is here, with bright blue skies, green grass, lots of colourful flowers and bright clothing too. To make the most of this, make sure that Saturation in your camera's menu is set to High, or Vivid.If you have a Contrast setting, set that to the maximum too. If your camera has Aperature Mode,  a wide aperature(low f number) will help with vivid colours too, but don't go too wide or you'll get a white image.

Thurs 12th July Colour (4) Pale Colour.

A trendy modern alternative to vivid colour is the reverse option, that of minimal colour. Lots of modern advertisments feature this effect. The colour should be just noticeable. It's really easy to achieve. In Windows Live Photo Gallery and many other photo editors, simply slide the saturation slider down to a realy low level, say around 25%. Contrast should be boosted to make sure the image doesn't look flat and washed out.

Fri 13th July Colour (5) Marvelous Monochrome.

Some images work best in black & white or sepia. In fact Leica make a B/W only camera costing well over £1,000. Most modern cameras feature a B/W or Sepia mode today, but if yours doesn't, the colour filters in Windows Live Photo Gallery's editor can convert monochrome to colour for you. It also has several B/W filters to do the job automatically should you desire. And for really dramatic B/W shots, push the Contrast and Saturation sliders up.

Mon 9th July Colour (1) Complimentary Colours.

I'm no fashion expert, but I know that certain colours go well together. For example: Red & green, red & orange, red & white, pink & pale blue e.t.c. These are known as Complimentary Colours. When looking for subjects to photograph, complimentary colours can enhance an image. However, remember to make them the two main colours of your image to make it stand out. Too many colours that clash can ruin a photo so make sure to confine other colours to the background, or blur them if you can.

Sunday 8th July Profile Perfect (8) Glam it Up!.

There's nothing like a little sparkle to add glitz to your profile piccies. Remember pop acts like the Sweet, Slade, Mud, the Glitter Band and the rest. Glittery objects, like badges, jewellery, hats, sparkly tops, e.t.c., e.t.c. help to give your picture that extra bit of glam to make it stamd out. And it doesn't have to be gold or silver, you can get lots of different coloured party things. And you can drape coloured tinsel around your body a bit like a feather boa to add to the sparkle. .

Sat 7th July Profile Perfect (7) Pet Shop Boys 

My friend John has his pet dog as his profile picture. However it's a crop of just his dog in his arms and features just his dog. The full photo would make a really great profile picture, but he's chosen to crop it instead. A good pet photo would be the owner holding his pet, such as a small dog, snake, lizard, hamster or other small animal. The main focus of the picture should be you and not your pet, it should just be an enhancement.

Fri 6th July Profile Perfect (6) Optimise Your Image.

Have you ever uploaded a great profile pic, only for the site to chop part of your head, or body off? The secret is to ensure you crop the image first so that your body or head and shoulders is in the centre of the image you want to upload. That way the focus of the profile pic is you, and you alone. A good way to ensure this is to crop an existing image. To keep sharpness in the crop, choose a higher magapixel image to retain sharpness and avoid pixelation or blockiness.

Thurs 5th July Profile Perfect (5) 'Paint' Your Picture.

There are many great image editors out there that will let you turn your photos into drawings, oil paintings cartoons and sketches, and many of the latest cameras have a mode which lets you take a picture which it converts into a painting or sketch inmmediately in the camera. Kodak easyshare software can do this, whilst one of my favourite free programmes is Photoscape which has several built in painting/drawing filters to do this for you in just a couple of clicks. Why not try it on your current  profile picture?

Wed 4th July Profile Perfect (4) Brilliant Black & White.

A good portrait style photo can really stand out from the rest simply by being a monochrome shot. Black and white often emphasises the mood and tone of a photograph. However, to do this you have to make it 'Pop out' and in order to make it really stand out you need to adjust your cameras settings. Colour should be set to B/W (or if you're taking a retro look photo select Sepia), whilst the Saturation setting on your camera (if you have one) should be set to 'Vivid' or high, and if there's a contrast setting in the menu as well then this should be 'Strong' or high as well. Wear something that will stand out, a white top or shirt against a dark background (or vice versa) works well. If your B/W photo isn't vivid enough you can always boost contrast in most image editors.

Tues 3rd July Profile Perfect (3) All Smiles.

Everybody has a smile. However, we don't always use it to show off our best sides. It can often seem fake or plastic. The best way to achieve a natural smile is not to say cheese, as this often looks false, but to get the friend taking the picture to make you laugh and take several pictures with your cameras burst mode. As an alternative to a natural smile, how about a comedic 'Wallace & Gromit' style smile. or one where you're pulling your lips wide apart with a finger at both sides?

Mon 2nd July. Profile Perfect (2) You've Got Personality.

Everyone has their own personality, be it shy, quiet, outgoing, or flamboyant. Why not use this to your advantage? If you like old things, dress up like a 50's person, if you like clubbing then dress up as if it your clubbing and act crazy, or maybe you're a flowery person, so surroubd yourself with flowers. Anything you do to emphasise your personality works well.

Sun 1st July Profile Perfect.(1) Be Different.

We all have profiles on various internet sites, be it Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linkedin and other social networking sites.  And we all have profile pictures. So how do we make our profile piccies stand out from the millions of others? There are several ways to achieve this. The best advice I can give is to be different. Look at the profiles of all your friends and think of a way to be different from the usual head and shoulders,full body shot or cartoon charachter. Over the next few days I'll give you tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

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