Here You'll find tips and techniques to help you get the best out of your Point 'N' Shoot camera. From getting creative with your shots to simple but effective image editing with Windows Live Photo Gallery, it's all here.

Pleasing Panoramas Learn how to use your camera's Panorama Mode or how to fake one.

Improving Your Photos With Windows Live Photo Gallery See just how easy it is to edit your photos for free.

Red Eye Removal. Don't worry if you get red eyes in your photos, it's really easy to get rid of them.

Night Photography How to take sharp pictures at night without a tripod.

Taking Better Pictures These simple tips will easily get you taking better photos.

Cropping Crop your pictures to easily get rid of unnesseccary bit's and achieve better composition.

Uploading Pictures To Social Networking Sites It's easy to put your Photo's on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr

Printing It's easy to print your photo's at home.

Composition Learn the rules how to compose your shots to take stunning images.

Using Filters To Enhance Your Images See how easy it is to transform your photographs with just a few simple mouse clicks.

Tripods. The ultimate guide to choosing and using a budget tripod at a fantastic price.

Ensuring Straight Images. How to take straight images and edit wonky ones.