Here You'll learn The basics of Digital Photography, what the menu's do, as well as identifying the parts of your camera. Click on the links below to learn the basics of picture taking and using your camera.

Types of Compact Digital Cameras What type of camera is right for you?

Auto Mode Learn the easy way to get great pictures.

Parts 0f Your Digital Camera. Find out what the various parts of you camera do.

Camera Buttons & Icons  Do you know what all the buttons and icons on your camera and it's LCD screen mean?

Batteries Learn all about the batteries your Digital Camera uses, and how to get the best performance from them.

Transferring Pictures To Your Computer   It's really easy to get your snaps from your camera to your computer

Zoom Lenses   It's not just a matter of zooming into a scene to get the best image, Find out how to zoom in properly.

Camera Phones Do you use a phone for taking pictures instead of a dedicated camera?

Camera Menu Settings  Find out what your camera's menu settings are for and take better pictures.

Using The Right Flash Mode  Learn how to choose the best flash mode for your subject.

Aperture Priority Mode Learn how to use this advanced mode to get the effect you want.

Shutter Priority Mode. Learn how to use this mode to get super sharp shots of moving objects.